What we do

Our focus is on six systemically vital areas where democratic ownership can transform how our economy operates and for whom.

Reimagining social institutions

Building a social commons based on public affluence, rather than private and unequal wealth.

Stewarding land & nature

Transforming how land is owned and nature is stewarded to address environmental and social injustices.

Democratising enterprise

Redistributing ownership and control to give us all a stake and a say in the wealth we create in common.

Rewiring finance

Overhauling the financial system so it serves the needs of society and the planet.

Building a digital commons

Challenging private ownership of data and digital technologies to build a 21st century commons.

Redefining internationalism

Dismantling existing power imbalances to support a global economic system based on solidarity and equity of voice.

Our Goal

Stark inequalities of power and reward scar our society. Too few have a stake and say in the wealth we create in common. We have a decade to rapidly and justly transform our economy in the face of climate crisis and environmental breakdown. In the face of these challenges, transformative ambition is the safest way forward.

Our goal is simple: the steady and irreversible replacement of today’s unequal, extractive economy with one where freedom, solidarity, and dignity are a universal inheritance.

Common Wealth designs ownership institutions for the new economy, institutions that are democratic by design, inclusive in action, and social in purpose. Systemic change will require a new architecture of ownership, from place-based approaches to strategies to democratise capital at scale, from the commons to cooperatives.  

We have transformed our economy twice in living memory; changes in ownership were at the heart of these transformations. Public ownership underpinned the post-war consensus, while privatisation was vital to its undoing. Today,  democratic ownership can build an economy where we all have a stake and a say.

It’s time to own the future.

Who We Are

Our team are experts in the development and communication of transformative ownership policies. We are supported by a diverse network with wide-ranging experience and knowledge in developing solutions for economic change. We work with civil society partners throughout the UK, US, and beyond to drive change.

The Team

Mathew Lawrence


Miriam Brett

Director of Research and Advocacy

Adrienne Buller

Senior Research Fellow

Arby Hisenaj

Creative Strategist

Amelia Horgan

Editorial Strategist

Our Board

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith

Director of Movement Building, New Economy Organisers Network

Immy Kaur

Co-Founder and Director of Civic Square

Rachel Coldicutt

Technology Policy Specialist

Aditya Chakrabortty

Columnist and Senior Economics Commentator, The Guardian

Ed Miliband

Member of Parliament for Doncaster North

Joe Guinan

Director, The Democracy Collaborative

Emily Kenway

Senior Policy and Communications Advisor, FLEX

Helen Craik

Director of Operations, Common Wealth

Sahil Dutta

Lecturer, Goldsmiths


Our work would not be possible without the generous support of a wide range of supporters including charitable trusts, foundations, unions, voluntary sector organisations and individuals.

We are committed to transparency and publish details of our funding in our annual accounts. Our next set of annual accounts will be for the period ending December 2020. To support our work so far, we have received project grants from Amiel Melburn Trust, Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust,  Communication Workers Union, European Climate Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Sunrise Trust, The Democracy Collaborative and the Trades Union Congress.

If you have a particular query on our funding, please email info@common-wealth.co.uk