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Ownership for a democratic & sustainable economy

Twice before in living memory, our economies were transformed through deep shifts in models of ownership - first with public ownership underpinning the post-war consensus, and again with sweeping privatisation in the 1980s. As we face today's deep environmental, economic, and social challenges, we need a third transformation: one that is pluralistic, ambitious, and equitable.
We reimagine ownership in six key areas to transform how our economy operates and for whom.

Democratising Enterprise

To give us all a stake and a say

Stewarding Land and Nature

To tackle the climate emergency

Building a Digital Commons

In place of private enclosure

Rewiring Finance

To serve people and planet

Creating Just Social Infrastructures

To challenge inequalities

Redefining Internationalism

To embed just multilateralism
Our team are experts in the research, development and communication of policies to transform ownership, designing systemic solutions to a systemic crisis.
Common Wealth is a partner organisation of US-based The Democracy Collaborative and is a member of Progressive International and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. We work with civil society partners in the UK, US and Europe to achieve change.
Common Wealth launched in April 2019.
In just one year, our team has produced:
36 high quality, impactful reports
Commoning the Company
Digital & Data
Digital Public Assets
Our work has covered everything from reimagining the company to the post-car city, from Covid-19 bailout conditions to fan football club ownership and the future of aviation.
Roadmap for a UK Green New Deal
We delivered a landmark series – ‘Roadmap for a UK Green New Deal’ - covering greening finance, green internationalism, rewilding, green industrial strategy, and reimagining mobility and housing, among other policy areas.


Green New Deal

To confront the climate crisis we need bold action and deep systems change. Only a Green New Deal can deliver change on the pace and scale required.

New frontiers of 21st century Democratic Public Ownership
We launched a year-long project with The Democracy Collaborative, ‘Democratic Public Ownership in the 21st Century’.


Democratic Public Ownership

Democratic public ownership of data, IP, digital infrastructure and natural resources can underpin a future of shared prosperity.

Digital & Data
Mapping Digital Infrastructure
Digital & Data
Democratic Digital Infrastructure
Ownership Futures
We are committed to developing cutting-edge ways to communicate research, policy and a vision for change

Interactive Digital Projects

Visualising Research

GND City

What would zero-carbon city of the future look like.

Mapping digital infrastructure

Re-wilding the UK

How we can rewild and restore 25% of UK's land mass

Over a dozen impactful videos
Our videos have covered a wide range of topics including:
· The contours of a Green New Deal
· Data commoning and digital public assets
· The future of 21st century public ownership
· Public health inequalities and a case for a green recovery
· A just transition for transport
Engaging events
· Congressional briefings in the US, including the Congressional Progressive Caucus
· Political party events on alternative business models, reforming finance, and more
· Participative workshops on the Green New Deal
· Book launches including for ‘A Planet to Win’ and ‘Abolish Silicon Valley’
· Parliamentary receptions, civil society events, and business forums
Common Wealth has generated high quality media impact on both sides of the Atlantic, shaping the progressive conversation:

Comment and coverage

in the Guardian, the FT, the Mirror, The Economist, The Times, the Independent, the New York Times, the Nation, openDemocracy and the New Statesman among others

TV and Radio

coverage including Sky News, BBC News, BBC Radio 2, Radio 4, LBC, and the Jeremy Vine Show as well as podcasts including Reasons to be Cheerful among others

Leading academics and politicians

including Caroline Lucas, Adam Tooze, Ed Miliband and Bernie Sanders have endorsed our work

Impactful social media
Rapid expansion in followers
0 to 11.2k Twitter followers

Strong engagement rate
4.3k impressions per day

Broad and impactful reach
1.3 million impressions during last 3 months
Common Wealth endorsements
Ed Miliband MP
Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy

"Common Wealth does excellent work probing the frontiers of democracy, a fair economy and the green transition. As we build the future economy and society, their work plays an invaluable role provoking debate and supporting policy makers. Such work is particularly important as we seek to emerge from the current economic crisis."

Carys Roberts
Director of IPPR

"Since its launch, Common Wealth has been a hugely active and welcome addition to the progressive policy world. They produce innovative but thorough papers on ownership and a new economy, and their creative communications lead the sector, engaging new audiences with policy debates. They are generous to the movement and other actors in the space - we have collaborated on several projects and very much look forward to coordinating and collaborating with them for progressive economic change in future."

Joe Guinan 
Vice President, The Democracy Collaborative and Executive

“Common Wealth is the most exciting new entrant onto the UK think tank scene in many years. Committed to a bold new agenda on democratic ownership and driven by a team of cutting-edge radical policy thinkers and communicators, Common Wealth has already had an outsized impact on both sides of the Atlantic, with proposals being taken up by both the Labour Party and Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.  They are one to watch as their work continues to lay the foundations for the democratic economy we so urgently need.”

Our work is diverse and high impact. Highlights include:

Influencing the Green New Deal debate, working with policymakers from across the political spectrum and civil society partners including GND UK, IPPR, and We are Possible to achieve change.

Our work on digital infrastructure, ownership funds, and fiscal rules has shaped policy development and debate at Westminster – and proposals such as our public-common-partnership has been adopted by local authorities, Combined Authorities, and grassroots groups across the UK.

Reactive analysis and policy proposals, co-ordinating with Greenpeace on our Covid-19 aviation bailout paper to engage with the Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Transatlantic impact and engagement, including the adoption of Common Wealth’s policy proposal on inclusive ownership funds by Senator Bernie Sanders and our account followed and boosted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Engaging with parties across the spectrum, including with our advisory board member, Ed Miliband MP, to shape the green recovery debate as part of our Covid-19 work.

Our current core projects for 2020

Blueprint for a Green New Deal

Building on our ‘Roadmap for a UK Green New Deal’, the Blueprint will set out detailed sector plans to drive a fair and green transition, including the future of asset management, the company, mobility, trade, care, taxation, and public health.

View Project

21st century Democratic Public Ownership

A year-long project to design a 21st century ownership agenda to challenge corporate power, amplify worker rights, and support sustainability. Forthcoming modules include data and platforms, IP, and land and nature.

View Project


Common Wealth are undertaking a series of sector analytical deep-dives and systemic policy interventions that can chart a just and green recovery from the crisis.

View Project
With our first anniversary behind us, we want to work with you to develop an agenda for change. We are looking for partners to deliver exciting new streams of work and programmes of research and influencing, including:

Democratising the company: reimagining ownership, governance, and purpose

Reinventing the city: ownership and the future of urbanism

Valuing the everyday economy: supporting foundational work, from care to health

Reimagining mobility: envisioning a post-carbon transport future

Building a digital commons: rethinking data and digital infrastructure, from enclosure to a commons

Charting a green recovery: strategies for a green and just recovery from covid-19

Delivering local Green New Deals: policies for transformation at a local level

Reshaping asset management: rewriting the rules to ensure investment works for all

A just future for trade: multilateralism and just trade after covid-19

Thank you.

We’d love to discuss our work and plans for the future, as well as opportunities for collaboration.
We look forward to hearing from you
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